Joacim's parents visit - Christmas

So now...on to Christmas. We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve (in keeping with Swedish tradition), and I made a big turkey dinner (in keeping with my tradition). We ALL (except Izzy, thankfully) came down with a nasty cold, so that put a little damper on the festivities, but not entirely.

Here we are sitting down to Christmas dinner

Izzy needed a little extra attention

Here she is opening her first present. She took to this immediately (I assume she got this from me :))

and another present...

She got this adorable food set from Sweden, and it became a favorite toy...the elephant in the background is from pappa

Here we are playing with more presents

Here's farmor enjoying one of her presents!

And here's a video of Izzy and her present.

Here's a video of Izzy chatting. I think this was taken on Christmas morning She's starting the "babababa" phase...melts my heart...

And here's Izzy and Joacim dancing...

After all that excitement...SOME decided to "rest"...here's how it started...

And here's how it ended...

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

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