Happy 6-month Birthday!

Today Izzy turned 6 months old, so I wanted to wish my little girl a Happy 1/2 Birthday!!!! And to usher in her 6th month, it seems as though she might be getting some teeth pretty soon. The daycare noticed that her lower gums are red and swollen, so it's looking like the real thing this time. Funny, as Miss Debbie and I were looking at her mouth yesterday and didn't see anything. Crazy how quickly things can change, isn't it?

And I'm glad that there's actually a reason for Izzy's unexplainable crankiness and inability to sleep lately. Sunday night was ROUGH...she slept in several places that night...her crib, then in a bouncy chair by our bed, then back in her crib, and finally in my arms in the recliner in her room. Needless to say, neither one of us got any measurable amount of sleep that night. On the other hand, this is just another indication of how fast she's growing, and that makes a part of me sad, as well. I'm going to miss that toothless grin!!!

Wow, sooo much since the last post. Joacim and I took the entire week off from Thanksgiving, so it was 10 FULL DAYS!!! And I really thought I'd be exhausted from taking care of her the entire time, since I hadn't done that since my maternity leave, but again, it was GREAT! Granted, she's not mobile or anything yet, but it was so much fun. So many new things! She's sitting on her own now for long periods of time (without the help of her Boppy pillow), and the whole cereal thing really clicked while we were off. Unfortunately, I got her completely off schedule, so we're working our way back to it again.

We were on the go a lot during our break, but she handled it like a trooper. We took a trip to Ikea, and it was touch-and-go on the way home, but that was totally expected since she had her naps and was just tired of being in the carseat. Izzy also had her 6-month photos taken over the break, so I can't WAIT ot see what those look like. I think they're going to be GREAT! Lot's of turkey family, and that pretty much sums up our vacation.

I can't believe that, with 10 days off, this is the first time I've had a chance to blog, and it's 10:30 on a Tuesday night. Hopefully I'll get all this in before my computer battery dies :) Looks like I'll have another video post for tomorrow since they're still uploading right now.

Alllright...now onto photos of Izzyboo..(some people have been asking to post photos of our bedroom and spare room since they've been painted, and I promise that I'll get to it...I completely forgot over break, and it's always too dark when I get home from work, so hopefully this weekend I'll get some photos..)

We're getting the hang of this eating thing...

One of my favorite faces of hers...(looks just like me sometimes, don't ya' think?:)

Me and Izzy bowling...

Izzy and her Aunt Andrea..

snuggletime on the sofa

I love self-portraits!

Here's Izzy occupying herself on the way home from Ikea

Joacim and a miniature abominable snowman :)

Izzyboo enjoying her rattle, and showing off her sitting skills...

having some fun with pappa in front of the fire...

Love this one...

My little helper with the Christmas tree..no photos yet of the completed project though...

Having some laughs with her pappa

This is Miss Linda from Izzy's daycare...she's GREAT!

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