Fun with Izzy

Izzy's entering a stage where she is so much fun. I had the BEST time with her today. She went with me to vote, where she entertained all of us in line with her noises. And when we got home, she spent a lot of time in her hop-n-pop and on her activity mat playing. She's becoming really vocal lately, and it's great to just go about my business while she's cackling away.

I was cleaning out my closet today, and she was having a grea time, entertaining herself, but that can only work for so long. Joacim was outside mowing, and I really wanted to finish, so I broke down and turned on the TV. I knew that if I turned it on and laid her down in front of it, that she would be happy, and sure enough I was right. I think that makes me a lazy mom today :) (but I got my closet done!)

Here's Izzy chillaxin in front of the tv...see how she's holding her feet?

She did put on quite a show for Joacim's mom and dad today. We were on Skype, and the last time she didn't do too much, but she more than made up for it today. I wish I would've taken a video of her while were were talking to his parents. It was hysterical!

We came home and "played" the other night too. This old body isn't liking laying on the hard floor, but it was worth it to have some fun time with her. It feels as though time is flying by, and we're spending our evenings cleaning or cooking...not really enjoying her. So I've been trying to let things go more around the house...she's only young once, right?

Here she is hanging out with Joacim

(Sadly, I'm pretty sure she's watching TV...)

Izzy was starting to get dreadlocks last week, so I had to cut them off, but not before I got a photo:

And here's Izzy "enjoying" some tummy time...isn't the expression on her little face pitiful? :)

We are so lucky to have such a happy little girl!

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hslamb said...

Totally she is only young once...she won't remember you had no hair or dust at your house...but she will remember playing with you!