New daycare, Hannah's birthday and sickness

Hello all! Sorry for the long time between posts again...it's been quite a couple of weeks. Once we got back from vacation, Izzy started her new daycare, and I have to say that, even though it's only been 2 weeks, we've been thrilled with how well things are going. They REALLY seem to care about Izzy's well being, and have already taken the time to notice things about her (like the fact that she plays with the tags on her blankie, or that she likes to check herself out in the mirror ;) I hope this continues!

Unfortunately, the thing about switching daycares is that it sometimes brings a whole new round of sickness with it, and this time was no exception. Last Monday morning, Izzy didn't quite seem herself, but she wasn't really feverish or anything. She had some eye and nose drainage, but nothing majore...but when Joacim strapped her in the carseat, she spit up a bit, and that was all I needed to decide it might be best to stay home with her. And thank goodness I did...as the day went on, she started to develop a low-grade fever, and was just all-around pathetic. She was such a little whiner..poor thing. I think I held her for 5 straight hours in the afternoon....every time I tried to put her down (even if she was completely OUT!) she would wake up and whimper. My left arm was feeling the burn! We gave her some tylenol before she went to bed and that finally broke her fever, so we went back to business as usual the next day. I could feel myself getting sick at work though, and sure enough, the next day I was. Whatever Izzy had, I got ten-fold. I hope this isn't how it's going to be forever, because I never (ok, RARELY) ever get sick, and I've already missed 4 days for myself since being back from leave. I'm not setting a good trend here. I'm attributing it to the new daycare, and the fact that I'm not sleeping very well, therefore not able to recuperate very quickly. Hopefully that's the last bout!

The weekend before we got sick, though, we were able to go to Stony Creek farm for my friend Rebecca's daughter's birthday. Stony Creek is a fantastic little place on the north side of Indianapolis, and they were having a fall festival, with lots of games and fall foods (warm cider and caramel apples!!!!). We had a lot of fun hanging out there, and getting to see some other friend's kids too! Here are some photos...

Here's Izzy as Merlin:

Here's the birthday girl, Hannah, with her new shoes!

Here's my friend Liza and her son, Cristian:

And here's my friend Heather and her little girl, Hailey:

And here's a sad little attempt at a family portrait:

I had to balance the camera on a blankie that was on top of the stroller. The sunspot really aggravates me on this one, but I'm going to try to pretend that it doesn't exist!

We installed Skype this past week too, and have been enjoying talking to Joacim's brother and mom and dad. It's been great to see Joacim's new niece, Gwen, and to have his family see Izzy. I guess our webcam is pretty good and they get a pretty clear picture of her. Unfortunately, Izzy's not much for performing in front of the camera, but I think they just enjoy watching her.

Work has been CRAZY busy! In the last 2 days I've been at work, I think I've sat at my desk less than 2 hours total. With meetings and pumping, there isn't much time to do anything, and I feel so rushed all of the time. I wonder if this is how I'll feel forever...never seems to be any time to just sit and breathe....

Izzyboo and I went to our Swedish lessons again tonight. It was much better, and I feel like I'm definitely going to get something out of this. I won't be fluent, by any means, but I should be able to get a much better idea of the pronunciation, which is really hard for me. The teacher, Sarah, has a beautiful accent that is much easier to imitate than Joacim's.

Well, my dear husband just made me some hot chocolate, so I'm going to enjoy it. Hope everyone is doing well! Go Colts!

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